Committee : The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

TOPIC: Demilitarization of the Arctic

With global warming rising to unprecedented levels, several stakeholders have staked competing claims for their sovereignty in light of the discovery of huge resources in the Arctic. Nations like Canada and Denmark has already submitted their territorial claims to the UN while Russia will submit its claim later this year.

Most notable amongst the Canadian manoeuvres in the Arctic is operation NANOOK. Will the Arctic continue to be a current and potential warzone, or will the committee follow through with their promise to demilitarize and keep our world safe? Norway and Russia are poised to increase competition for Arctic energy resources.


Committee : Human Rights Council

TOPIC : Eradicating Modern Slave Trade

In this 21st century of augmented technology, wealth and increased standards of living, it is beyond our imagination that slave trade is still existent in both mild and hostile forms in different parts of the world. The transatlantic slave trade is a classic example of slave trade in the 19th century and it was abolished by the British government in 1807, followed by the U.S.A in the consecutive year. But the modern slave trade is more abhorrent and pervasive than like its previous counterparts with the international figure for the number of slaves being 27 million people. The United States believes that between 14,500 and 17,500 slaves are trafficked into the country. According to Al Jazeera, the modern day slave trade is more perilous because it is cheaper to own a slave today than in the 19th century. It often goes unnoticed as it is entrenched in the customary routine of the globalised economy and our everyday lives. There are sex slaves, child slaves, bridal slaves, food chain slaves, charcoal slaves and prison slaves. Russia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, North Korea and India are few of the many counties where slave trade is at its peak. Undoubtedly, modern slave trade is the gravest threat to the modern world and is a 21st century evil.

Committee: Legal Committee

TOPIC : Maritime Piracy in the Gulf of Aiden and Guinea

The Gulf of Guinea near West Africa and the Gulf of Aiden off the coast of Somalia are both infamous for incidents of maritime piracy where pirates take over passing vessels to either steal anything of value on board or collect large amounts of money as ransom .In 2012, the Gulf of Guinea saw a record breaking number of 996 piracy attacks and the number has been rising since .Delegates of the Legal Committee are expected to look into the matter of maritime piracy in the above mentioned places as well as, to how the existing piracy laws across the world can be better implemented .